The Crew

Captain Sean


The wind dies down and the sails sag, my husband is at the helm looking at each sailboat heading in the same direction.  I can see his mind calculating the change in wind along with the buildings and landscape that border the riverbanks.

He asks me to take the helm and hustles to the sheets to loosen the port side head sail. The light wind scoops up into its gentle embrace. Next he loosens the main sheet and pushes the boom starboard.  I can sense his excitement, he loves wing on wing.  I can feel the boat gain speed, maybe half a knot.  This is not good enough.  Sean studies the wind at our back and the billowing of the sails.  He knows he can get more.  He loosens the boom vang adding more billow in the main. At this point he is satisfied.  The sails are like gentle hands catching the slight almost unnoticed breeze.

He sits back at the helm, glances over his shoulder to take notice of all the sailboats behind and smirks proudly. This is a common occurrence.


If there is ever a person that was meant to sail it was Sean.  I almost feel that he has been searching for the water and the wind all his life. The voice of the sea crossed the desserts and mountains to reach him.

After we purchased Moya and moved aboard his nose was buried in books, and videos.  Every spare moment he was studying.  In the company of sailors he never hesitated to ask questions, why and how. He was willing to learn from every angle that was provided, and still is. It’s actually inspiring to watch. Sailing became his next expertise after photography.


Soon he became what I lovingly call the “Dock Hen” Always willing to help fellow neighbors, greet the newbies, and be an all around social butterfly. He is a capable handy man and often offers to help install a stove, fix a water a heater, run electrical.  Basically anything.

If you are in need of crew, ask Sean. The moment he feels the wind tickle his ears he is itching to go, rain or shine. He is good crew, he’ll make you laugh and entice thoughtful conversation.

As you can tell he is my favorite person.

It is from Sean that I learned the love of water.  He is the one who taught me how to float and let myself release absolute control. His confidence out  ways any of my doubt. With him I learn to be brave.


First Mate Henry Avery Pirate King


You best watch out for this scallywag,


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