My Aimless Wander

Photo by Sean Knighton
Photo by Sean Knighton

I listened today to a radio report about the lost art of aimless wandering. It recalled a time pre-digital, a time when it was common to walk just because. This was an act to help digestion after a meal and insight inspiration.  There was no special destination, there was no expectation.

This evening after my long drive home from work I decided to enact this romantic idea of aimless wandering. I gathered my dog and in a way let them choose my course.  Typically I have a plan, a route in my mind, but not tonight.

Henry led the way like a fish at the end of the line. Zigzagging curious about all the smells the world has to offer, and Luna gently followed.

The movement cleared my mind and brought me in the moment. It is a joy to receive the opportunity to be in the now, for the senses are more aware. I could feel the warm air touch my skin,  smell the subtle ocean breeze that managed its way to Portland, and hear the layers of silence.

As we walked along the docks I found myself enchanted by the surrounding water. It was still and showed the reflections of the boats, as if to reveal their souls. At night when the water is still it looks like a rich thick black. It gave me the chills because I felt if I were to fall in I would vanish in the merk.

Photo by Sean Knighton
Photo by Sean Knighton

My thought of the deep was interrupted by the splash of a near by fish. In fact it was so near that the water landed on my ankles, and feet. I jumped back and maybe even squealed a little. Henry lunged forward reaching his nose to the water. I found myself laughing aloud cutting through the quiet air.  That fish truly startled me. I had not realized how quickly I went from hyper reality to imagining myself disappearing into the abyss.

The rest of my journey home was peaceful. My mind relaxed and I was able to digest the day.

I suppose I should end this entry for a loud echoing ring of a metal water bowl has been sounded. It is the demand of a thirsty Henry. So I will leave on this note. An aimless wander is the perfect conclusion for a long day.

Photo by Sean Knighton
Photo by Sean Knighton

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