A Hot Days Gift

It has been a hot and oppressive heat, and Oregonians are not pleased.  The gloom in the sky with an evening summer shower has been greatly missed. There is something wonderful about wearing a cozy sweater yet also providing your feet with the liberation of flip flops. Instead we are all wearing as little of clothing allowed by societies standards.

At the dock that standard loosens.  The men take off their shirts and we are all guilty of lounging in our cabins with only our underwear.

The lack of air conditioning gives us the opportunity to be creative.  Sean embraced his inner MacGyver and created a swamp cooler with a hose, a scrap of canvas, four bungee cords, and a little wind. Sadly the wind has often been absent.

Another common method to keep cool is the age old technique of using a tarp. As much as this is an effective method of keeping the cabin significantly cooler the tarps are like shackles. No longer can we just untie the lines and go. Now we have to disassemble, store, and reassemble at our return.


The view of a sailboat covered in tarps fully expresses this shackled feeling. As humans, we often cover items we no longer use, like old vintage cars. We keep them with us, we keep them bound.


I must say though, one beautiful thing that the oppressive daylight has given us is the perfect temperature for a night sail.


Once we finally overcome our laziness and remove the shackles that are the tarps I feel that I can finally stretch.  I can’t help but to walk on the bow, for now nothing blocks me. I see Moya as I should.

night sail BW-1

Night sails are never planned.  They are only built from spontaneity, and always have room for company.

Sailing is always a pleasure, but I LOVE night sailing for the river belongs to only us, and the sound of the water is more noticed. The water turns from a blue brown to layers of indigo and an abyssal black. The tips of the waves catch the silver starlight and the moon dominates the night sky as if inviting us to play. The breeze passes through Moya’s sails which casts a spell of forgetfulness, for the long hot days become barely a memory.  Everyones warm heavy faces lighten and turn to smiles.


So when it is hot and oppressive I must remind myself to remove the shackles and embrace the hot days gift.  The perfect temperature for a night sail.

night sail BW-2



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