An Urge to Write


It is late in the evening or early in the morning, the middle of the night time frame. I have found myself restless with an urge to write.  Honestly I am in the perfect setting for inspiration. Bundled up in blankets and curled up in the aft cabin of a 34 foot sailboat.

The wind is smacking the halyard against the mast.  This is a sound that I instantly fell in love with when I moved on a sailboat.  It is a chime that reminds me that the world is not still.  Wind moves across the globe and it is theorized that the same wind never stops.  It is the ultimate marathon athlete. I know it is a westerly wind for the rocking of my boat is more noticeable and I can hear the music of the water splash against the aft of my boat.

Never before living on a sailboat was I included in the symphony of the Earth. Never before did I understand that she constantly moves and changes, and sings.

It was not until I moved out of my literal box that I learned how to begin the path of moving out of my social box. I have began to find comfort in being a little unsure footed. Surprisingly I am still able to keep my balance.

When I reflect on my life before living on a sailboat I recall a joke that I would make about being a boring person.  What I did not realize was boring meant asleep.  Sure….I was happy enough and I never felt depressed but life was a sleep walk, back home, and to work again.  I was always in a box weather it was a my home or the car to get me to work, or the place of my work.  As much as I lived in the world I was not a part of the world.  My box blocked the wind, controlled my temperature, and filtered my air.  Most of all the society box never let me hear the symphony of the world.

Now when the wind pushes through, my home moves out of her way.  When it is hot out side I am hot.  When it is cold outside I am cold.  Now I can smell the sweat air or the stinky aroma of Sea lions.  Most importantly I live within the worlds symphony.